17 mai 2010

Check it out - Aberatii noi se intorc

Ok. Incep cu OK.
Azi vorbeam cu Mariuca, o colega and one of mah funniest friends evah (- i had to say that, dude!), despre un subiect foarte interesant si educativ, inainte de un curs. Suna cam asa:

Mariuca: If I could, i would fuck a God. Apollo would be nice :dreamy eyes inserted: Dionysos nu, ca e cam drunkard :)). Si Zeus se crede cam smecher.
Eu: I'd do Poseidon, cuz he's greater than Apollo and I love water. And Aphrodite... cuz if she's the love Goddess it may sound arousing :))
Mariuca: Ehm definitely Poseidon then. And Apollo!
Eu: It would be nice writing a book with the title "How to screw a God/Goddess and other hints"

apoi pe drum mi-a venit in minte si descrierea capitolelor:

ch. 1: Learn Myths About the God/Goddess You Love and Their Mighty Powers
ch. 2: Get in Touch With the Hunk-God/Chick-Goddess
ch. 3: Worship But Also Intrigue!
ch. 4: Make Him/Her Want You
ch. 5: Be Clever and Fool
ch. 6: Obey and Disobey
ch. 7: Be Heroic - Be Just - Be Lovely!
ch. 8: Let Yourself Screwed or Screw Him/Her
ch. 9: Keep Him/Her or Else You're a God-slut
ch. 10: Don't Die!!!111oneoneone (or the long version: Watch Out! Being a God's Lover Is Being a Living Target)

sa incep a mockery book de genul? :)) sau n-are rost? astept ceva raspunsuri, detalii, idei etc.
Mariuca, would you write the book with me? twosome? :))

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  1. Aha, so you do like water! See? Told you it was cooler than earth.