17 mai 2010

Vampire Things

The Heck! Vampires don't freaking Sparkle!
Watch some trueBlood, read some Southern Vampire Mysteries. Go back to Anne Rice. They surely don't sparkle like diamonds. Twoiloit sucks big time.
acum fan art de pe dev brought to you by me. (note: nu sunt ale mele! inca nu m-am apucat de desenat. Ah sed INCA!:)) )

Check it out - Aberatii noi se intorc

Ok. Incep cu OK.
Azi vorbeam cu Mariuca, o colega and one of mah funniest friends evah (- i had to say that, dude!), despre un subiect foarte interesant si educativ, inainte de un curs. Suna cam asa:

Mariuca: If I could, i would fuck a God. Apollo would be nice :dreamy eyes inserted: Dionysos nu, ca e cam drunkard :)). Si Zeus se crede cam smecher.
Eu: I'd do Poseidon, cuz he's greater than Apollo and I love water. And Aphrodite... cuz if she's the love Goddess it may sound arousing :))
Mariuca: Ehm definitely Poseidon then. And Apollo!
Eu: It would be nice writing a book with the title "How to screw a God/Goddess and other hints"

apoi pe drum mi-a venit in minte si descrierea capitolelor:

ch. 1: Learn Myths About the God/Goddess You Love and Their Mighty Powers
ch. 2: Get in Touch With the Hunk-God/Chick-Goddess
ch. 3: Worship But Also Intrigue!
ch. 4: Make Him/Her Want You
ch. 5: Be Clever and Fool
ch. 6: Obey and Disobey
ch. 7: Be Heroic - Be Just - Be Lovely!
ch. 8: Let Yourself Screwed or Screw Him/Her
ch. 9: Keep Him/Her or Else You're a God-slut
ch. 10: Don't Die!!!111oneoneone (or the long version: Watch Out! Being a God's Lover Is Being a Living Target)

sa incep a mockery book de genul? :)) sau n-are rost? astept ceva raspunsuri, detalii, idei etc.
Mariuca, would you write the book with me? twosome? :))